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The structure, which is accessed after walking through a suggestive pergola, is the result of the renovation of a villa built in the 70s. It consists of four residential units, all with private bathroom, double bed and air conditioning.

The large living room, the beating heart of the house, "welcomes" the breakfast area which, in good weather, can also be consumed outdoors, under a portico overlooking the countryside and the city below.



The owner's love for all those things that characterized a past era that somehow tell and remember the history of the house and of those who were its inhabitants. From the great-grandmother's English tea cup to the great-grandfather's coded linen towels, passing from the grandfather's vinyl collection to grandma's buttons.



The house is entirely surrounded by fruit trees, olive trees and vineyards.

The strawberry grape pergola, which grows all along the entrance stairway to the house, is the protagonist.

During the different seasons of the year you can enjoy the fruits of the earth: pears, plums, oranges, figs ...

A long course that satisfies a desire for tranquility in absolute union with nature.



Alessandra, the owner, personally takes care not only of the guest acceptance phases of the check out but, above all, the preparation of continental breakfasts, offering homemade cakes and biscuits and offering local products or, when available. , the fruits of their crops (oranges, grapes, plums). The use of porcelain, silverware and embroidered tablecloths that belonged to Nonna Carla, used by Alessandra, characterize even more the moment of breakfast.

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