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Who we are



Alessandra, the synthesis of two elements - perfectionism and sensitivity '- certainly bulky but which when they learn to live together transmit strength and passion.

These in two words, the characteristics of your host, condemned to be liked at all costs.



Jolie has not accepted any move since she took possession of the house.

Not even when, despite himself, he had to follow his mistress, who moved elsewhere during the summer.

Disappeared and now reported missing, she thought well, and without notifying anyone, to return to the b & b, despite the considerable distance between the two places.


Mimi & Mia

from an imposed or only tolerated presence they have earned, thanks to an innate sympathy, their space which, in recent times, has become a sort of five-star hotel: in fact, they not only have numerous plains where to run around but even a small small lake for daily "noisy" baths.

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